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Ah, the season of giving is upon us!!! And the best part about giving presents to others is knowing that now they're obligated to give a present to you that's just as good if not better. If they don't, you'll take your revenge, and they'll live to regret it.


We dug up Carl the Flamingo's Grandma's grave to steal her "Special Gingerbread Recipe."

What? Carl wouldn't share it, or even say what it's for. Anyway, great news. THE RECIPE WAS IN HER POCKET!!!

But bad news, the recipe was for "Cranberry Sauce Gingerbread Shrimpballs." It sounded so gross we barfed all over the Pet Cemetery.

But it wasn't a total loss. On the back, there was ANOTHER gingerbread recipe, for something that sounded SO. FLOCKING. AMAZING.

We made it. And we'll share it with you. But if you ask us how to make it yourself, sorry…

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