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The story behind the artwork by local artist Andrew Doyle is, “I have tried to copy the running/walking tracks of the Mackay region and that's where you will see the footprints representing people "On The Run", The dotted circles in the middle and the lined design around the perimeter represent our scenery around the Mackay region.

However you look at the artwork you can interpret it how you relate to it. As most of our tracks around the region have beachside, river systems, mountains and scrub land scenery I thought that this was the best way to represent that. For example the dotted circles could represent our river systems and creek systems or could represent our wet, bush and scrublands around the region. The lined design could represent the beach as the tides and waves come in and out or if you are up in the Valley they can represent all our mountains and ranges. Whatever relates to you, you can depict it to that”.


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