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Your Daily Electrolyte + Vitamin Drink


PERFORM offers you a powerful blend of electrolytes and vitamins to serve as the ultimate solution to combat poor performance, dehydration and fatigue. This revitalising beverage works to replenish your body, ensuring you recover effectively and are prepared to excel and "Perform" at your optimal level.


·        Avoid dehydration:

Hydrate with curated electrolytes


·        Prevent nutrient deficiencies

9 vitamins + minerals to allow your body to run at its best

·        ​Reduce fatigue & burnout:

Support natural energy with Activated B Vitamins


"The variety of electrolytes & overall nutrition profile sets the RunX Performance Blend above many of its competitors. It is refreshing, tastes great and is tested by a third party to ensure quality/purity. This is an asset for endurance athletes." – Jessica Stenson (Trengrove) Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist

  • No products in the cart.